Thursday, June 18, 2009

SAB: Barack Obama and Bud Selig

What could Barack and Bud have in common? Well, they are both ultimately responsible a new type of transportation.

Our President now runs Chrysler, which is introducing the 2010 "GEM Peapod," a car that may save the environment, but would certainly kill you in a crash. Not the mocking smile on the front.

And Baseball's commissioner was responsible for the early 2000's "Bullpen Car," (this model is from 2004) a golf cart decked out in team logo that could kill your pennant hopes if it contained LaTroy Hawkins as a passenger.

Hat tip to NDNation


Blogger kow/oakpack said...

And I really do believe that Uhboma is responsible for the Brewers futility.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

isnt the design of the car based on the michelle obama face?

10:35 PM  

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