Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Top 11 Other Pick-Up Lines That Would Lure John Edwards

From the New York Daily News:

[Elizabeth] Edwards told Winfrey how Hunter used a tawdry pick-up line to lure her husband.

"What John said is that this woman spotted him in the hotel in which he was staying. He was meeting someone in the restaurant bar area and she verified with someone who he worked with that it was John," she said.

"John went to dinner at a nearby restaurant and when he walked back to the hotel she was standing in front of the hotel. She said to him, 'You are so hot."

Top 11 Other Pick-Up Lines That Would Lure John Edwards

11) If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

10) You are way hotter than John Kerry.

9) You look like a man who needs to exercise his franking privilege.

8) You know, my room has floor to ceiling mirrors.

7) Wanna come up to my room for a cream rinse and blow dry?

6) There are two Americas and you must be from the sexy one.

5) I'm interested in a position on your staff.

4) Where's the beef? (CORRECTION: this is from the Top 11 Pick Up Lines That Would Lure Walter Mondale)

3) Is it true what they say about sons of mill workers?

2) I'm in need of some class action.

1) Hi.


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"Primp here often?"

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hahaha the last one was the best haha

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