Monday, April 27, 2009

Now That Mary Ann Glendon Has Declined To Accept The Laetare Medal From Notre Dame, Top 11 Other "Deserving Recipients" The School is Considering

[ Background ]

11. Nancy Pelosi

10. Kathleen Sebelius

9. Betty McCollum

8. Keith Ellison

7. Monica Lewinsky

6. Margaret Sanger (posthumous)

5. Martin Luther (posthumous)

4. Perez Hilton

3. Bo

2. Joe Biden's hair implants

1. Eve Ensler


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not just give it to Obama. He'll already be up there on the stage anyway. Think of the time it will save, unless he takes the time to give a speech twice as long.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Mark Heuring said...

Oliver Cromwell (posthumous)

8:58 PM  

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