Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What City Pages Denied Us

I was so confident that we would win our second consecutive Best of the Cities award for being the best right-wing blog that I had already written our acceptance post. Since it took so long to write, I couldn’t just waste it, so here it is:

Our critics doubted us; they said the first win was a fluke. They said we were overrated and undeserving. You, all of you, said we didn’t have what it takes to do it again.

Losers! That’s what you are. What do you think of us now? You are reading the only blog to ever win the Best in the Cities Right-Wing Blog award two years in a row!

We would like to thank God for giving us this victory, we couldn’t have done it without you, big guy!

Best of the Cities – Best Blog (Right-Wing) Leaderboard
1. Nihilist in Golf Pants (2)
2. Everyone else (0)


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