Thursday, April 26, 2007

Major Award Announcement

The City Pages may have stabbed this fine web site in the back, but in reality all they've done is cut their own throat. They've opened up a huge market opportunity for another alternative weekly publication funded by gay escort personal ads to capture the loyalty of multitudes of discerning leftist news consumers. Yes, those multitudes who've come to know and love the NIGP as the best Local Right Wing Blog and will accept no substitute, will be looking for a news source they can trust.

For their sakes, I'm happy to announce an up-and-comer on the scene, Pulse, has already finished a cover story about this blog, modestly declaring it the Best Local Right Wing Blog of the Millennium. We've all spent dozens of hours in interviews and photo shoots with their staff and are quite pleased with the article drafts we've previewed. The final product will be in the annual blockbuster Fun in the Sun/Bush Is Worse Than Hitler Issue coming out in early May. Keep an eye out for it, I'm confident it will return the NIGP to the lofty status it deserves.



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