Sunday, April 29, 2007

Keillor, Keillor, Pants On Fire

Garrison Keillor was the inspiration for this blog. Here is a man who has lived off the public trough for most of his adult life. As far as I can tell, his act consists of making fun of small town rubes from this part of the country. Today, the old scout wrote an article for the StarTribune that employs one of my favorite hacktacular tactics. He found a wise and decent Republican who hates the evil imperial force that the party has become. Unfortunately, Keillor won't license his rant for you internet cheapos who won't spring for a Sunday edition.

That's funny, because I had a similar experience yesterday. It's really quite an amazing coincidence. I may even get a Keillor-like post from it:

Times have changed. We are now at a much harsher point in our history. I realized this after an evening visit from a distinguished guest. This 99 year old gentleman that I conveniently will refuse to name came into his prime an FDR Democrat. He proudly recalled the likes of John Kennedy and his strength in dealing with America's enemies.

However, today he doesn't recognise his own party. He became violently ill when I brought up the name Nancy Pelosi. After he helped me clean the vomit off of of my coffee table and apologized profusely, he exlplained.

"I don't even recognize my own party any more. When I was young we had leaders who would stab the enemy in the eye or at least drop the big one on them. Today my party is run by clean black fellows and hormonal harpies who put a scarf over their head and get on their knees to give a happy ending to any non-sanctioned negotiation with the next Hitler. They think that scoring a political point against the president is worth endangering the lives thousands of Americans, civilian and military alike."

I asked if he might pull the lever for a Republican in the next election. He declined. As an FDR Democrat, his hatred of the rich is still a seminole value. But he doesn't know if he can ever vote for a Democrat.

He announced that he had to take his leave right about the time "A Prarie Home Companion" came on the radio. "How can you listen to that crap?" my venerable guest queried. "He hasn't had a fresh or entertaining thought in thirty years."


Blogger Margaret said...

I think you meant seminal not seminole value. Unless he was a Florida State fan or a member of the tribe.

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