Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pop Up SP

If you’re like me, you love the blogging excellence that is Brian “St. Paul” Ward, but are often puzzled by his classical references.

This is part of our continuing saga to make St. Paul’s classical references more user-friendly.

From the great man’s Wednesday blog entry on the Minnesota Wild’s Derek Boogaard getting his clock cleaned in a fight with Eric Godard of the Calgary Flames:

For those preferring to shield their eyes from the video record of Boogeyman's Hector-like slaying at the hands of Godard, the Calgary Flames blog provides the blow-by-blow coverage.

What does he mean by Hector-like slaying? I consulted Encyclopedia Mythica for more information:

Hector was the mightiest warrior on the side of Troy during the Trojan War, and he led many of the attacks against the Greek troops. He and Ajax fought to a draw in single combat, and he killed Patroclus, the close friend and companion of Achilles. He was eventually killed by Achilles, who was eager to avenge Patroclus' death. Achilles then desecrated Hector's corpse by dragging it behind his chariot before the walls of Troy, and refused to give up the body for burial. Achilles only allowed the body to receive funeral rites after King Priam came to his tent to plead for its return in person.

Wow, I hope Godard is fined and suspended. The NHL has got to crack down on this corpse desecration thing.


Blogger Fuzzy Nietzsche said...

Godard didn't get off scot free.
Dragging Boogaard's body around the rink with the Zamboni got him a 2 minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous MFB said...

I was more interested in the origins of the expression "getting your clock cleaned."

3:41 PM  

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