Saturday, January 24, 2015

Better Late Than Never

Top 11 items on President Obama's agenda for his final two years as noted in his State of the Union address:

11. Get Linda Ronstadt out of retirement in time to deal with next geopolitical emergency

10. Prevent Israel from defending itself

9.  Impose a tax on savings that has been statutorily declared tax-exempt

8.  Make winter colder and longer

7.  Raise gas prices for American consumers

6.  Discourage more American workers enough to get them to leave the labor force

5.  Avoid dealing with Vladimir Putin

4.  Throw a big Super Bowl party

3.  Release the rest of the GITMO terrorists to the friendly government in Yemen

2.  Replace bidets in the bathroom nearest to the Oval Office with eager volunteers from the White House Press Corps

1.  Eliminate Congress


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