Monday, December 29, 2014

Too Hot For HWX?

This was a fake ad that I wrote that was not included on a recent HWX podcast. Since the NFL regular season ended yesterday, I thought I'd share it.


Are you an NFL player with children all over the country? Would you like to condense a year's worth of parental responsibilities into one week? Then Adrian Peterson's Family Camp is for you.

Adrian Peterson's Family Camp offers NFL players an intense parenting experience that NFL Players, their kids, and county prosecutors won't soon forget.

Adrian Peterson's family camp features activities for the kids including:
- "Build your own switch" crafts activities
- "Damn, you mama's lookin' fine" unstructured free play
and family games, such as
- "Fetch me my pipe and that baggie" and
- "Take it like a man!"

Attendees of Adrian Peterson's Family Camp learn the names and ages of most of their children. Listen to this testimonial from Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets:

Attendees of Adrian Peterson's Family Camp aren't guaranteed to set any rushing records, but they will definitely set the rules in their household for the up to one week each year that they see their children.

Disclaimer: Adrian Peterson's Family Camp is a registered trademark of the Adrian Peterson Legal Defense Fund. Adrian Peterson's Family Camp does not immunity from prosecution for camp activities. NFL players should consult their lawyers and public relations firms before undertaking activities offered by Adrian Peterson's Family Camp.


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