Thursday, January 15, 2015

Prophesy of the 12th Item

Yesterday we ran a top 11 list making light of the fact that Speaker of the House John Boehner's bartender plotted to murder him. In making the list, I edited out one of the best responses (no, it wasn't Bryan's companion entry to the "Mr. Boner" joke):

- Boehner had drawn a cartoon that the bartender found offensive

Some in the blogging community have accused me of cowardice because of this edit. They say that I was afraid to run that item out of fear of a backlash to bartenders. A backlash that would certainly mean physical violence against me and my family, as we spend a lot of time among the bartenders.

I reject these charges.

And obviously don't expect all to agree. But let's not forget the Bartending family in Brooklyn Park who read us and is offended by any joke against his profession. I don't give a damn about those that would threaten me but I do care about that family and it is arrogant to ignore them.

We all know that bartending is a job of peace, and that violent, murderous bartenders are an aberration.

We replaced the joke with the joke about Boehner being the known as the Cliff Claven of Congress. Jokes about postmen are ok; it's not like they are known for murderous violence.


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