Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 11 Reasons Obama Eats Dog

11. Michelle limits the amount of beef he's allowed to eat

10. Rabbit reminds people of Jimmy Carter

9. Wants to be able to relate to what American families will be reduced to doing in his second term

8. If he had a son, it wouldn't look like Rover

7. Cat tastes too gamey

6. That's the last time he lets Joe Biden order when he's in Chinatown

5. Not eating dogs is xenophobic and narrow minded

4. Taste testing for future dietary mandates under ObamaCare

3. Unlike G Gordon Liddy, he's not man enough to eat rat

2. Ordered it for lunch in the hope that his co-workers would nickname him “Dog”

1. Chinese made it a condition for lending him another trillion dollars


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