Wednesday, April 04, 2012

George Zimmerman Raves On

The biggest story in America today is the shooting of Travon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. Some say Zimmerman is a racist murderer, others a vigilante looking for trouble, and still others a concerned citizen. Yet no one knows for sure. If only we had some idea what was going through Zimmerman's mind at the time of the confrontation with Martin. Perhaps he was singing a little Buddy Holly:

Well . . .
The hoodie you wear and your skin's dark hue
Make me suspicious of you
Travon, it's a crazy feelin'
I think that you've been stealin'
From my gated commuuuuunity, Travon

The way your inside my gate tonight
The way your skin's not very light
Travon, it's a crazy feeling
Vigilante justice I'm dealin'
When on my watch, I confront you, Travon

Travon, it's a crazy feeling
If I'm convicted, I'll be appealin'
I'm so glad that you're revealing an excuse for me to shoot
Travon, tell me, tell me, "please don't, please don't shoot me"
News cycle now will be only you, Travon and me


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