Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 11 Reasons the Packers Lost to the Giants on Sunday

11. Negative ads by the Giants Super PAC destroyed their self-confidence

10. Packers stayed up late past curfew Saturday night celebrating Miss Wisconsin being crowned Miss America

9. In hindsight, copying the Badgers Hail Mary pass defense probably a mistake

8. Thought Giants was just a nickname, but those guys were HUGE

7. Mistakenly assumed game was just an exhibition, as national media had already crowned them Super Bowl champions

6. Global warming induced thawing of the frozen tundra took away home field advantage

5. Couldn't overcome the unusual circumstance where referees only favored Packers on 99% of the calls

4. Big Madonna fans, they didn't want to miss watching her Super Bowl half time show by having to be in the locker room at the game

3. Clay Matthews hair got in his eyes on key plays

2. Aaron Rodgers started believing those State Farm commercials that he wasn't really an NFL quarterback

1. New York teams less nauseated by the urine and vomit at Lambeau than most other visiting teams


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