Friday, February 17, 2012

Top 11 Answers To The Question: Where Are The Women

As the Obama Administration has trampled on religious freedom, Planned Parenthood and Emily's list have both tried to characterize resistance to the HHS dictate as anti-woman. Recently Planned Parenthood's Facebook page (I refuse to link) and an e-mail from Emily's list published this photo of the congressional testimony on religious freedom with the caption: where are the women?

Here are the top 11 answers to the question: where are the women?

11. Still out in the street attempting to parallel park

10. It's a long walk of shame from Bill Clinton foundation's DC office to congress for female contraception advocates

9. Justin Bieber testifying on music piracy down the hall

8. Testimony conflicted with Susan G Komen race for the abortion

7. Testimony scheduled during "The View"

6. Rumor that there was a spider under the witness table

5. Impact of global warming disproportionately impacts women

4. Congress provided a perfectly good map to several women's rights organizations

3. DC Macy's shoe department had a sale yesterday

2. Photo was taken at the opening of testimony, not 40 minutes late

1. Everyone in the picture technically a female member of GLAAD


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