Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 11 Reasons President Obama Is Smarter That The Guy Who Runs The @4More Twitter Account

The guy behind the Twitter account @4More tweeted yesterday, "I can honestly look at President Barack Obama and say, 'that man is smarter than me'."

While I agree with his assessment, I'd caution that he's setting a pretty low bar for the president to clear. Here are the top 11 pieces of evidence 4More isn't as smart as Obama:

11. 4More invested his own money in General Motors and Solyndra

10. 4More is a Packers fan

9. 4More married an ugly woman who wasn't a rich lawyer

8. 4More's autobiography is titled "Dreams of My Hamster"

7. 4More thinks there are 58 states

6. 4More had the idea to send guns AND hookers and booze to Mexican drug cartels

5. 4More has a public school education, while Obama was educated in Indonesia

4. 4More still thinks Joe Biden was as an excellent pick as Vice President

3. 4More can't organize his sock drawer, let alone a community

2. 4More's checkbook routinely off by several trillion $

1. 4More actually believes the stuff Obama says


Blogger redsquirrel said...

12. The @4More Twitter Guy STILL believes Obama's mispronouncement of corpsman is correct.

Everybody else is wrong.

4:02 PM  

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