Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nihilist Football Picks: Pro Week 2/College Week 3

Last week I escaped with a .500 record. I was dead wrong on the Gophers, who managed to lose as 18 1/2 point favorites. Ironically, Coach Kill almost died watching his team struggle against a b-squad New Mexico State team. Surprisingly, Coach Kill is the first Gopher coach to have a seizure on the sidelines. I would have bet that Smoky Joe or Coach Wacky would have had one.

BYU covered on the road at Texas, but a monumental collapse cost Notre Dame both the outright victory against hated Michigan, but also left them 1/2 point on the wrong side of the spread. I finished 1-2 for the week and stand at 3-3 for the year.

I did better on the pro side, where Dallas and the Vikings covered in losses. Unfortunately, Cincinnati upset Cleveland, so I started the NFL season out 2-1.

I don't have a theme this week, other than again thinking that home teams get too much respect. 0-2 Notre Dame is 5 1/2 point favorites over a ranked MSU team. If they win, it will only be to spite me. Here are my picks:

Michigan State +5 1/2 at Notre Dame
Minnesota -3 vs Miami (OH)
Washington +18 at Nebraska

Tampa Bay +3 1/2 at Minnesota
Chicago +8 at New Orleans
NY Giants -4 1/2 vs St. Louis


Blogger ganderson said...

What no prediction of the UMASS-Rhode Island tilt?

10:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

Well, I don't really suppose this is likely to have effect.

3:55 AM  

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