Monday, April 05, 2010

Top 11 Reasons Kal ‘Kumar” Penn is Leaving the Obama Administration

11. Has a great movie idea: “Harold and Kumar are Called the N-word by Tea Party Protesters”

10. Ticked off that Michelle Obama removed the "special herb" he was trying to grow in the White House garden

9. White House writers came up with a story line where the associate director of public engagement commits suicide

8. Tired of Joe Biden asking him for a Big Gulp

7. No one would laugh when he said he was the associate director of pubic engagement

6. His proposal for a White House Easter Joint Roll was rejected

5. Resigned in protest over the lack of free medical marijuana in the health bill

4. Tired of being called "Spicolli" by confused White House staffers

3. Was always hungry and had difficulty concentrating on his work

3. Refused assignment to march through Tea Party rallies in hopes of being called "macaca"

2. Bigger than expected difference between overpaid government jobs and obscenely overpaid acting jobs

1. Rahm Emmanuel kept “harshing his mellow”


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