Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top 11 Reasons Why KSTP Went to an All Sports Format

11) Since Obama unified the country, nobody cares about politics anymore

10) Ratings failure of creative geniuses like Willie Clark and Prebil & Murphy proved the political talk format is dead

9) Desperate attempt to get Reusse to shut up about politics

8) Desperate attempt to get Soucheray to quit playing engine noises on the air

7) Recent contract extensions for Tim Brewster and Brad Childress guarantee long term success and high local interest in sports

6) Attempting to lure Hugh Hewitt to the station to do a show on the Cleveland Browns

5) Tapping into enormous market of sports fans who think Dan Barreiro and the Common Man suck

4) Hoping that with more sports talk radio, the Twin Cities will finally be able to land an NFL franchise

3) Hoping a format change might cause Barbara Carlson to stop calling and demanding to get her show back

2) Couldn't compete with the AM1280 the Patriot on labor costs

1) Thought that it was about time the Twin Cities had a sports talk station


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