Friday, February 12, 2010

Feeling Thankful For The Small Things Today

Today has been designated "Nick Punto Day" by the powers that be. In that spirit I offer the Top 11 Nick Punto Career Highlights:

11. The several hundred times that Dick and Bert mentioned that Punto was one of those guys who always gave 100% and how you needed guys like that on the team

10. The irony that Atomizer was forced to spend years of his life working in the “Nick Punto” trailer; (imagine if Al Franken had to work in the “Rush Limbaugh Building”)

9. Before striking out, working the count, thus fatiguing the opposing pitcher and theoretically decreasing his effectiveness in future innings

8. His Olympic heroics, leading the vaunted Italian national team

7. Hitting a weak infield grounder and busting his butt getting down the line before getting thrown by 10 feet out at first

6. The joy each year, when Punto hits his annual home run

5. The fact that he’s always the first guy off the bench to high-five guys who hit home runs

4. His baserunning blunder in the 2009 playoffs that effectively ended the Twins' postseason chances

3. Setting an example for more valuable teammates of sliding head first into first base and thus 1) getting there slower and 2) increasing the risk of a hand injury

2. His financial contribution to the Twins by keeping the bases clear in front of Joe Mauer and holding down his RBI numbers

1. The day at spring training in 2005 that Punto and his digital camera catch Ron Gardenhire in a very compromising position, leading to Punto's installation as a fixture in the Twins lineup


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