Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Top 11 Real Reasons Fraters Libertas Was Off Line for the Past 10 Days

11) Its federal funding was slashed under Obama's new austere $3.69 trillion budget

10) Chad was arrested attempting to bug Sen. Mary Landrieu's telephone system

9) Pre-emptively shut down by FCC over Atomizer's expected contribution to Blog About Nick Punto Day

8) General staff agreement that our silence spoke volumes

7) In hindsight, having Adrian Peterson help move our servers to a new location wasn't a great idea

6) Act of sabatoge by Captain Ed to prevent JB Doubtless from being named CPAC Blogger of the Year

5) Part of our threat to move to LA if we don't get a new state funded Fraters Libertas world headquarters

4) Hostile takeover bid by the Doughty 500 blog

3) Wanted to be like 95% of the other blogs in the MOB

2) Last 10 days dedicated to recognizing all the good decisions made by the Obama administration

1) Post-Avatar Depression Syndrome


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