Monday, February 22, 2010

Top 11 Reasons That Canada Lost To The United States In Olympic Hockey Last Night

11. In retrospect, pre-game team meal at Tim Horton's probably not a great idea

10. In retrospect, having Viktor Tikhonov deliver the pre-game pep talk probably not a great idea

9. In retrospect, listening to mix tape of Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, and KD Lang to get pumped up for the game probably not a great idea

8. Gave it away over lingering guilt about winning the "54-40 or Fight" dispute

7. The mandate under Canadian law that Coach Babcock explain the game plan both in English and French created confusion among the players

6. Players hoping they'd get cast as extras in the movie "Miracle on Ice 2"

5. Canadian players upset and distracted after reading Mark Steyn's latest negative comments about Islam

4. Having to wait tens weeks for an MRI under Canadian health care system limited team's ability to treat minor injuries

3. Pre-game locker room visit from Elisha Cuthbert exhausted half the team

2. Spooked by reports that Johnny Weir was planning on visiting locker room of winning team

1. Who cares? The Canadian national sport is curling


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