Sunday, January 30, 2005

From A Reader

Reader JL writes:
I noticed that you gents like to poke gentle fun at members of the Northern Alliance. I’ve gone through the archives at Fraters Libertas and come up with some out of context quotes by JB Doubtless. One and only one of the quotes is fake.

I've been enjoying two exceptional single malts recently.

Booze and nurses...that oughtta get our google ads going.

He also had 2 cases of Milwaukee's Best and immediately offered us one.

I stopped into the Sam's Buze Mart Club or whatever it's called yesterday in search of a large, cheap bottle of high quality bourbon,

So, after weighing my choices, I snatched a bottle of the exquisite Baker's ($30), a 107 proof, smooth, yet complex sipping bourbon that is especially welcome in the winter months and brought it to the counter.

I grabbed the Sam’s Buze Mart clerk by the lapels, and fixed my gaze on his pimpled face. “What do you mean you quit carrying Zima? That stuff is the nectar of the gods!"

Gin is so much more adult, so much more masculine than vodka.

anyone who says that a really cold bottle of Bud doesn't taste damn good on a hot day is full of garbage.


Blogger Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

I think JB has inadvertantly found an incredible way to slander anyone who's ever written anything.

10:16 PM  

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