Saturday, January 29, 2005

Where Are My Manners?

As you know, I constantly comb the ends of the earth in search of rare blogging talent. I have added another jewel to the crown that is Nihilist in Golf Pants. He is a reclusive mystery man who tentatively agreed to go by the moniker "Jerktown Romeo." This would have been a great moniker for several reasons. First of all, the term comes from the Garrison Keilor rant that inspired this blog. For the record, Saint Paul of uber-hip Fraters Libertas suggested, no commanded, me to start this blog and use this name. Another reason that "Jerktown Romeo" is a great name is it is reminiscent of George Costanza's would be witty rejoinder to a co-worker's insult.

Co-worker: George, the ocean called. They're all out of shrimp!

George: Oh yeah, well the Jerk Store called. They're all out of you!

Co-worker: What's the difference? You're their best seller!

George: Oh yeah, well I had sex with your wife!

Bystander: His wife's in a coma.

Anyway, the Jerkstore Romeo (which is what I would have called him) must have gotten air of my diabolical plans and didn't use the name we had all agreed upon. So he chose JB. Is this a homage to another Frater, the enigmatic JB Doubtless? Or perhaps there is another clue.

Either way please welcome JB. While many of us focus on watchdogging the mainstream blogosphere (MSB), JB, as you can already see, will spend much time chroniclers the musings and lampooning the masculinity of one James Lileks. I expect his other duties will include the Patty Wetterling issue avoidance watch. We'll all be working overtime on that one.

Welcome JB. Let's hope the Jerk Store never runs out of you.


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