Monday, July 20, 2009

Top 11 People Who Would Be Worse Number 2 Hitters than Sisyphus

I think the Nihilist was a little harsh on Sisyphus in that last post, possibly resulting in hurt feelings and future threats to reduce his blog output. In an effort to make the big guy feel a little better about himself, I offer the top 11 number 2 hitters worse than Sisyphus:

11. Honus Wagner (dead)

10. Ted Williams (cryogenic freezing is bound to put a hitch in his swing when he's revived)

9. Michael Jackson (no major league experience, dead)

8. Cher (no major league experience, woman, botox)

7. The guy who does the Blog House column (no major league experience, always gets fooled by junk from lefties)

6. Elvis (overweight, dead)

5. Sephen Hawking (no major league experience, Lou Gherig's disease)

4. Lou Gherig (Lou Gherig's disease, dead)

3. Elmer Fudd (no major league experience, unathletic, possibly dead, cartoon)

2. Misanthropic Frat Boy (baseball is not hockey)

1. Matt Tolbert


Anonymous Sisyphus said...

I did hit well over .500 in co-ed intramural softball.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Misanthropic Frat Boy said...

I hit well over .500 one year in Little League. Fifth grade I think.

3:59 PM  

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