Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Puts The "Ape" In Apricot?

Primus had a fairly suggestive hit with their song, "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver." With a little rework, they could re-release it as "Eric Holder's Bright Blue Scrotum."

Here it is:

Eric Holder’s got himself a bright blue scrotum
Per a hoax from the Huff Post moonbats.
One day, General Holder, he went on over,
Said Americans are ‘fraidy cats.
The libs claimed Brit Hume called Holder a baboon
Or maybe it was Josh Gibson
Slanders went for days, claims Fox ripped Holder’s race
It stunk like Obama's tax plans.

Now Bill Clinton was once his party’s hero
Now his act’s like a carnival show.
He got it in cars, did sick things with cigars
While his Sec of State wife‘s on the road.
He got wind of the bright blue scrotum
And wondered if it were,
If that scrotum would maybe interest the ladies.
More than pumpkin curvature.
(To the left!)

Eric Holder don‘t really have a bright blue scrotum,
But he is full of hot air.
Said you can’t say that I’ve got a bright blue scrotum,
Because American’s don’t have a pair.
But as dumb and bad is General Holder
He’ll never give us the fright.
Of the tax cheat Geithner, now running the Treasury,
Spent a trillion dollars in one night.
Or Obama’s new friend, who hates privacy rights,
Transportation Sec Ray LaHood.
He's a Republican who would tax your mileage,
With a microchip under your hood.


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