Friday, June 20, 2008

Energy Policy Separated at Birth

Barack Obama:
“Think about what we could have done with a trillion dollars. Think about, think about what we could have done if we had invested even half of that even a quarter of that into research into clean energy, developing new ways of transporting people, if we had tried to look at how are we going to create a new engine that doesn't run on fossil fuels. Imagine that. Over the last five years, we could be in a position now where we could have perhaps sliced our energy consumption by a third, and if we had done that gas prices would be low because people wouldn't be using gas.”

And the idea an army guy suggested to physicist Richard Feynman 50 or so years ago (“Surely Your Joking Mr. Feynman!” p. 288-289):
“One guy in a uniform came to me and told me that the army was glad that physicists were advising the military because it had a lot of problems. One of the problems was that tanks use up their fuel very quickly and thus can’t go very far. So the question was how to refuel them as they’re going along. Now this guy had the idea that, since the physicists can get energy out of uranium, could I work out a way in which we could use silicon dioxide – sand, dirt – as a fuel? If that were possible, then all this tank would have to do would be to have a little scoop underneath, and as it goes along, it would pick up the dirt and use it for fuel! He thought that was a great idea, and that all I had to do was to work out the details.”


Blogger Terry_Jim said...

Hey, that's not a fair comparison, no one offered Richard Feynman a Trillion Dollars to 'vizualize global transportation'.

“Think about what we could have done with a trillion dollars."
Hmmm, perhaps pay for a third of the 'War on Poverty'?
He sure imagines a lot of ways to piss away money that doesn't belong to him.

8:46 PM  

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