Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ESPN Ocho SportsCenter?

Sisyphus is still missing, so I guess it's up to me to update the blogosphere on the European football (soccer) championship, featuring NIGP's adopted team, Arsenal. Since most of our readers don't follow European football, I will translate using a metaphor that most of our local Minneapolis readers would understand. I have my metaphor in italics and what really happened in parentheses. Forgive me for using some dated references, but you should get the gist of the story.

In the Superbowl (European Champions League Finals) today, the Minnesota Vikings (Arsenal) faced the San Diego Chargers (Barcelona).

With the game tied 7-7 (0-0) in the first quarter (minute 18), Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper (Arsenal Goaltender Jens Lehmann) was ejected from the game (given a red card) for a viscous facemask (slapping the ankle) of an opponent who had just recovered his fumble deep in Vikings territory (deked him out in front of the goal).

With backup quarterback Brad Johnson (goalie Manuel Almunia) in, the Vikings (Gunners) were at a distinct disadvantage. Still, they were able to take a 14 point (1 goal) lead on two touchdown catches (a goal) by Travis Taylor (Sol Campbell).

In the second half Minnesota (Arsenal) tried to run out the clock with several series of two runs and an incomplete pass (typical soccer action). The lead held until midway through the fourth quarter (minute 76) when LaDanian Tomlinson (Samuel Ito) scored two touchdowns (a goal)to tie the game.

With two minutes (ten minutes) remaining, Keenan McCardell (Juliano Belletti) scored the game winning touchdown (goal), running past blown coverage.

The Vikings (Arsenal) couldn't muster any offense, and Fred Smoot (Henrik Larsson) took a cheap unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (yellow card) as the game drew near an end.

The final score was San Diego (Barcelona) 35 (2), Minnesota (Arsenal) 28 (1).


Blogger Jeff said...

I taped it, watched it last night. Arsenal's Eboue absolutely took a dive, but the ref bought it, and it led to Arsenal's only goal. Should've remained 0-0.

Henry had a couple of golden chances, but didn't come through.

It wasn't Barcelona's best game, and Ronaldinho has had better games.

The rain was practically a deluge near the end.

International soccer is the Great Game.

9:56 AM  

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