Saturday, May 13, 2006

Vox to JB: Grow A Pair

Vox Day chastises metrosexual JB Doubtless for watching American Idol.

I think the criticism is slightly harsh, although as someone who's argued for hours trying to convince JB of the lack of merit of the 98 Degrees or Mariah Caray, I can see how he needs to hear it.

It was over a year ago that I declared American Idol had jumped the shark. While it's still fun to watch the awful goofballs who think they can sing get put in their place, the show has little merit after the first couple of weeks. Consequently, I have only caught about 90 minutes of it over the last two months. However I have followed enough to construct a possible scenario on how things could play out. If the girl, Katharine McPhee, goes home this week, I predict she will grace the pages of Playboy Magazine within a year. If not she will make the final two and will attempt a music career.

The runners up on this show have a nasty habit of attempting to make it in the music business. Some meet success (Clay Aiken and possibly Bo Bice) and some don't (Justin Guarini and Diana DeGarmo). However, third place and deeper finishers are relegated to the ash heap of history, or to posing in Playboy in an attempt to extend their fifteen minutes of fame.

That prospect should give every guy something to cheer for this week and also probably explains the concern of so many when the mini-Vin Diesel guy got sent home last week.


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