Sunday, January 08, 2006

Which Founding Father Would Make The Best Vikings Coach?

I’m sure Brad Childress will do a fine job as the new head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. I even pledge to hold back on criticizing him until at least halftime of the first pre-season game (except of course, I reserve the right to criticize any and all draft day decisions). But while contemplating the qualities I would like to see in our new coach, I couldn’t help but lament that we will never know what one our founding fathers could have done leading the Vikings.

You might think that an 18th century statesmen, no matter how brilliant, wouldn’t be able to relate to modern professional athletes, but nothing could be further from the truth. James Madison, for example would have been a perfect fit. Consider this excerpt from Paul Johnson’s “A History of the American People” (p. 258)

“When as Secretary of State, he [James Madison] had to entertain the Tunisian envoy, come to Washington to negotiate on behalf of the Barbary pirates, and granted the Arab’s request for concubines for his eleven-strong party, he put down the cost as ‘appropriations for foreign intercourse’ (Jefferson was not amused).”

No word on whether Madison imported the concubines from Georgia.


Blogger Just Me said...

I'd support Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay. That way one could say (to paraphrase a saying from the 18th century) "Cursed be Coach John Jay, Cursed be his draft picks and decisions,and cursed be those who do not stay up all night in their parents' basement cursing and blogging about Coach John Jay".

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