Saturday, January 07, 2006

Are You Ready For A Last Ditch Attempt At Respectability

Bad news last week as I went 2-4 to go to a year-to-date mark of 46-55-1 and finish 2-32 on parlays. In order to try to salvage a little respectability, I will pick each playoff game this year. No parlays here. The line as always is from USA Today's Opening Line. Here goes:

Buccaneers -2 1/2 v. Redskins
Jaguars +7 1/2 @ Patriots
Panthers +2 1/2 @ Giants
Bengals +3 1/2 v. Steelers


Anonymous Jimmy the Geek said...

Any respectability you once had was stripped away after about the third week of this little exercise. Yesterday's results leave you one notch above trial lawayers in the respect department. To avoid the prospect of further degradation, I suggest you hang up your tip sheet and leave the prognosticating to the pros. Like that monkey who does stock picks.

8:48 AM  

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