Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Welcome Arsenal Hooligans!

Last month, after having a bit stolen by Paul Mirengoff of Power Line, I retaliated by stealing his British Premier League Football bit. Little did I know that my first ever Soccer post would be linked by an Arsenal “The Herd” Hooligan chat site. Take that Power Line! I’ll bet you’ve never had a hooliganalanche! (Okay, you probably have.)

The line quoted was:
“Arsenal’s hooligans are known for their ability to get drunk quickly.” The Herd Hooligans correctly identified this as a compliment. Some (Australians, Canadians, Wisconsinites) see it as a virtue to be able to drink a lot without getting drunk. This is a ridiculous view. If your goal is to become inebriated, why would you want to waste time and money on the journey?

Anyway, welcome to The Herd. Look around and consider bookmarking us. While you’re visiting the American blogosphere, be sure to check out the drinking posts over at Fraters Libertas. Stay away from Power Line; they don’t know football (American or British) or drinking.


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