Saturday, October 08, 2005

Are You Ready to Hate Miami?

Last week I had my first parlay win in the bag. Two wins down and four minutes remaining , with Miami up 27-0 late in the 4th quarter. With about four minutes remaining, Central Florida scored to cut the lead to 20, a disastrous turn of events since I had Miami -20 1/2. However, the 'Caines marched down the field, into the red zone and let time expire as they held the ball on the 14 yard line! Burn in hell, Bernie Coker! The whole situation is especially maddening, since the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame easily covered despite being off my list.

Overall I am now 11-13 and a dismal 0-8 on my 3-team parlays (spread from USA Today's Opening Line). One thing I've learned, no more themes:

Michigan -8 v. Minnesota
Ohio State -3 @ Penn State
Cal + 1 1/2 @ UCLA

Titans +3 @ Texans
Ravens + 1 1/2 @ Lions
Browns -3 v. Bears


Blogger Patrick said...

You need to add this one to your top 11 blogs.
Easily the best ND blog I've seen.
Go Irish,

10:16 AM  

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