Friday, September 30, 2005

Far Left Lefties On the Pioneer Press Editorial Board Are Right – But For The Wrong Reason

I found myself nodding in agreement while reading this Pioneer Press editorial calling on the NCAA to move the NCAA Men’s Hockey West Regional to St. Paul. As a Gopher hockey fan, I’m strongly in favor of playing as many tournament games as possible in the Gopher’s own backyard.

Unfortunately the Pioneer Press was not basing their argument on pragmatic homerism, but on whacked-out moonbattery.

How do they find people who’ll write lines like this:
“It doesn't matter if a logo and nickname are offensive to one tribal member or 1 million. The fact is they're offensive and they're wrong.”

So the Pioneer Press has the right to declare a logo and nickname offensive so long as they can find one tribal member who agrees?

Okay, I’m a pioneer in the new media, and I declare their use of the nickname “Pioneer Press” offensive. I also declare the use of the bulldog mascot offensive (I’m sure there is at least one bulldog that’s offended by being caricatured by the PP – although if they switch their mascot to a poodle, they may find unanimous support).

Sigh. I suppose it is better to be right for the wrong reason than wrong for the wrong reason. Their concluding line is 100% correct:

“Finally, the NCAA should consider taking whatever legal and contractual steps are necessary to move the hockey tournament out of Grand Forks. How about moving it to St. Paul?”

Correct. Now, let’s see some better justifications.


Anonymous jefferson101 said...

The Pioneer Press offended me regularly when I lived up there and subscribed.

(Note: Not as badly as the Star and Sickle, which I quit subscribing to, but badly enough, and regularly enough.)

Since someone finds them offensive, should they go out of business, and change their name to the "Washington Times of Minnesota"?

Sell them out. They have offended someone.

BAWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Like they care who is offended.

And lay off the Sioux. I'm a UND alumni, and will go to the extreme of putting voodo curses on the NCAA if I have to.

7:37 PM  

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