Friday, May 13, 2005

Great Moments in Radio

On today's Nick Coleman show, the host was interviewing Minneapolis Mayor and noted stage diver, RT Rybeck. Near the end of an interview, Nick actually received a call, which is a noteworthy event in itself on the Coleman show. The caller pointed out that a majority of the money in the school budgets in both Minneapolis and St. Paul went to teachers salaries and benefits and asked the Mayor when he would challenge the teachers unions to seek to reduce this part of the budget to free up more money for school supplies, books (a special area of interest for Nick), etc.

You could immediately tell that Nick was not happy about getting such a call, although the Mayor was more than willing to discuss the subject despite his lack of knowledge in the area. Nick launched into condescending attack mode.

NICK: (accusatorially) Caller where do you live anyway?

CALLER: Minneapolis

NICK: (indignantly) Well you don't sound like someone from Minneapolis!

He then went on to disparage the caller as a "wingnut" and suggest that his viewpoints were not worth hearing.

Hmmm…let's see here:

Stereotyping? Check

Painting with a broad brush? Check

Attempting to silence someone who disagrees with you? Check

This from a guy who never stops talking about repression, discrimination, and the crushing of dissent. From a guy who claims that he wants to discuss and debate the issues of the day, but refuses to allow those he attacks to come on his show to present their arguments as well as turning down invitations to appear on other talk shows whose hosts he has personally insulted.

If Nick Coleman didn't exist, you couldn't make him up.


Blogger sequel said...

The answer is to raise taxes on the rich. Any other viewpoint must be crushed.

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