Friday, May 06, 2005 Is Down

At times like these, internet-terrorism cannot be ruled out. Here is a list of the prime suspects:

JB Doubtless
Motive: He's posted time and again about how Lileks schtick is too precious.
Alibi: JB can't even find the time to post to his own website, much less knock off someone else's.

Nick Coleman
Motive: Jealous of his colleague's success and angered by his acceptance of blogging, Nick will do just about anything for revenge.
Alibi: Nick appears to be a Luddite and could never pull this off on his own. Since he fired Kuhbi, he is without a henchman to do the deed. Also, his ethics are too high to make an unprovoked attack on an innocent.

Saint Paul
Motive: With Lileks out of the way, he would be the premier conservative humorist of the Twin Cities, if not the world.
Alibi: He has several nubile young women ready to testify that he was with them when it happened.

Motive: If you ever had every waking minute of your life chronicled in the way she has, you would want to stop the madness immediately. She also has unfettered access.
Alibi: She's only four years old.

We at Nihilist will keep you posted on this breaking crisis!

UPDATE: Day 2 of the crisis. An obsessive-compulsive nebbish like Lileks would never allow this to go on unless he has been overpowered by the culprit, who may be holding him hostage. Unfortunately, this doesn't eliminate any of the suspects because even little Gnat possesses the strength to man-handle Lileks.

UPDATE II: He's back as of Sunday morning. Look for the story on what happened from him Monday.


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