Monday, May 09, 2005

Finally: More Multi-Millionaires in the Blogosphere

Reinforcements have arrived! All too often since joining the blogosphere I’ve felt like a lone voice in the wilderness for the mega-wealthy. Today, wealthy divorcee Arianna Huffington started her own group blog, The Huffington Post (catchy name). Most of the contributors are wealthy. For example Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the daughter of billionaire French industrialist Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, Laurie David made millions the hard way -- she married Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, and John Corzine made enough on Wall Street to purchase a very expensive Senate seat. A promising lineup indeed.

I know, being a member of the economic/political/media elite doesn’t guarantee a capacity for cogent thought (see Nick Coleman and Mark Dayton). However, despite what some may say, the rich have just as much right to post inanity on the internet as Ivy League lawyers, or talk radio shock jocks.

So welcome, THP, welcome to the arena.


Blogger pinkmonkeybird said...

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I notice that just about all the center-right blogs welcome the Huffyfit Postmortemblog. And for good reason. It will be a fun target to shoot at and will create more fodder for our subject material.
We've got the advantage, however. Since we are not busy, busy, busy celebrity types, we will have more time to craft our arguments while they will be disadvantaged due to those high society dinners they're always throwing.
"More wine, dear?"

3:36 PM  

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