Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Perils of being a (mostly) Satirical Blog

I woke up to quite a shock this morning: a Power Line post on voter fraud in Wisconsin. Although they didn’t credit the Kool-Aid Report for blogging on the story months before they discovered it, they did come about as close to acknowledging the up-and-comers as they’re likely to get – they mentioned Kool-Aid in the title to their next post.

Of course, over the last six months I’ve read many Kool-Aid Report posts on this story, but I assumed that it was just a running gag by Learned Foot. This is an occupational hazard of relying heavily on satire. We’ve had the same problem here. For example, no one took my brilliant idea on selling advertising on the Minnesota state quarter seriously.

Now, KAR’s story line about Marquette University changing its nickname to “Gold” can’t possibly be a real story, can it?


Blogger LearnedFoot said...

*Sigh* such are the perils of being a lik in the Daisy Chain. I recall that Atomizer had his own problems.

Speaking of Atomizer...

My referals log indicates that Ralph Rapson vanity googled himself yesterday, taking him to a post of mine where I detailed a discussion I had with Atomizer regarding the overall suckiness of Rapson's work.

I fear that Ralph may fly into town and attempt to beat Atomizer oer the head with a roll of vellum.


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