Monday, January 31, 2005

James Lileks Fires Back

JB may have unwittingly brought the rhetorical powers of Lileks down on us. Now he's going out of his way to make us look bad, this time suggesting we don't support the successful Iraqi elections. Here is the false accusation from today's Bleat (emphasis mine):

Here's a winner from the snarky ahistorical nihilist wing:

Yay, we're spreading our form of government to the dark people! Kinda reminds me of how the USSR wanted to spread Communism to free people of capitalist dictatorships.

Many people strive for that level of incoherence, but few achieve it with such conciseness.

Sigh. I know James is too careful to name us, but he knows that when his readers see the word "nihilist," they immediately think "in golf pants." Ahistorical? Well, it's been written that extreme bloggers such as us don't know anything that happened before last Tuesday. And although we proudly strive for the highest levels of incoherence, we seldom achieve it concisely.


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