Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 11 Excuses President Obama Has For Trailing Mitt Romney in the New York Times Poll

11. No need to be concerned, the New York Times isn't really a big liberal paper

10. Apparently New York isn't a really big gay town either
9. Pollsters failed to identify Romney as "radical right-wing Mitt Romney"
8. HUGE over-representation of inbred polygamists from Utah

7. People love Mitt's work in Mad Men

6. Poll only sampled 6% more Democrats than Republicans when just about everyone the administration talks to is a registered Democrat

5. Results clearly show that Obama has been too moderate to appeal to average Americans

4. Poll under-sampled the funemployed

3. Polls won’t matter once Obama brings in Vladimir Putin’s campaign staff

2. Poll was taken during season finale of “Glee”

1. Many in the sample were afraid Romney would track them down and cut their hair off if they didn't pick him


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