Monday, April 06, 2009

Top 11 Repercussions North Korea Will Suffer Because of its Missile Launch

11. When President Obama meets Kim Jong Il, he will only give him a half-hearted partial bow

10. Effective immediately, North Korea will be on Double Secret Probation

9. Tina Fey will portray Kim Jong Il as a total ditz in future SNL skits

8. North Korea will be the target of next petition drive

7. Obama will shake his head and tell Kim he's “very disappointed in him”

6. North Korea will be temporarily stripped of its Chairmanship of the UN Non-Nuclear Proliferation Committee

5. Total embargo of all MASH reruns

4. Obama will express disbelief that Kim is a better golfer than Tiger Woods

3. Obama won't bring extra cigarettes when he visits Pyongyang

2. The iPod given to Kim will include only Obama’s teleprompter-less speeches

1. North Korea officially uninvited to next meeting of G-200


Anonymous Social Butterfly said...

Obama will defriend Kim on Facebook.

7:44 AM  

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