Friday, April 03, 2009

Top 11 Possible Explanations for Why The President of the United States Appeared to Bow Down Before the King of Saudi Arabia

11. Staff placed the teleprompter too low

10. Bowing his head in disappointment upon learning that there would be no bacon at brunch

9. Always doubles over in laughter at the sight of a man in a dress

8. Hoped that by bowing he could make up for diplomatic faux pas he committed by giving the King a special collector's edition DVD of "Yentl."

7. Apologizing for all the mean things he’s said about the King’s buddy, George Bush

6. The King just happened to be between him and Mecca

5. Not bowing, he is searching his pockets for a pack of smokes

4. Practicing his duck-and-cover drill for when North Korea and Iran have nuclear missiles

3. Looking at his shoe mirror to see if the King's wearing anything under those robes

2. King Abdullah tricked him by asking whether anyone had dropped a trillion dollar bill

1. Was actually bending over for the President of Russia behind him


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