Saturday, March 08, 2008

Live Blogging Learned Foot’s Live Blog of the New and Improved NARN

I will be Live Blogging Learned Foot’s Live Blog of the Nihilist in Golf Pants' NARN audition.

1:05 PM: Learned “Packer-Fascist” Foot believes that it should be illegal for Chad the Elder to utter Brett Favre’s name. Osama bin Foot will no doubt behead anyone who draws a blasphemous Favre cartoon.

1:07 PM: Foot accuses the Nihilist of siphoning gas out of a neighbor’s car. I must admit, it is conceivable.

1:10 PM: Learned Foot informs us when the TV show “Top Chef” will premiere. “Top Chef” is a gay show.

1:11 PM: Hypocrisy by Foot! He declares “Project Runway” to be gay while presumably endorsing “Top Chef” for heterosexuals. Hah! They’re both gay.

1:13 PM: Foot is growing impatient and is thinking of Live Blogging the Gophers vs. Illinois game. I don’t know what Foot is smoking. The Gophers aren’t playing until tonight vs. UMD.

1:13 PM: Foot hallucinates: Illinois 33, Gophers 29 – early 2nd half. Uh Foot, they’re called periods. And if you are going to make up score, make it realistic – no hockey score has ever been 33 to 29.

1:15 PM: Foot mocks Patriot sponsor Andy Willoughby. Well played, Foot.

1:20 PM: Foot blames the Nihilist for the Patriot’s production errors. This must be the first time Foot has ever listened to the Patriot.

1:21 PM: Foot takes another shot at Chad. When Foot stages his coup and installs Packeria law, Chad will be the first inmate in the Lambeau re-education camp.

1:22 PM: Foot is not just a law talking guy, he can also diagnose strokes over the air!

1:23 PM: False alarm! Foot just mis-diagnosed the Nihilist’s voice.

1:23 PM: Wow. Now Chad is compared to Paula Abdul.

1:24 PM: Mitch acknowledges Foot’s live blog, but what about this ground breaking live blog of Foot’s live blog?

1:26 PM: Foot mocks the Nihilist’s mention of Ayn Rand – but he neglects to acknowledge that it is in the context of Angelina Jolie.

1:27 PM: Bravo Foot, for denouncing Springsteen. But the Iron Maiden shout-out is a little forced.

1:28 PM: Foot has the audacity to fact check the Nihilist? He states that Geldoff praised Bush for helping fight AIDs in Africa and not hunger as the Nihilist said. I propose a compromise: let’s praise Bush for fighting both AIDs and hunger.

1:33 PM: Foot calls on them to play some Iron Maiden. Uh Foot, this is the NARN, why don’t you go listen to some pirate junior high radio station?

1:35 PM: Yes, as a matter of fact I am.

1:37 PM: Foot smells a future Lori Sturdevant multifisk this week. All that means is that Lori isn’t on vacation.

1:40 PM: The mayor of the MOB is calling for riots?

1:41 PM: Just a reminder, this live blog of a live blog will be less meaningless if you read Foot's live blog here.

1:42 PM: Foot marks the Nihilist’s first P-Diddy reference at 1:42. P-Diddy has sure dropped off the map. I remember back when the Nihilist mentioned him every five minutes without fail.

1:43 PM: Foot comes out against spam, viruses, AND racy banner ads.

1:46 PM: What about the FOO FIGHTERS! At least he isn’t occasionally posting OBAMA!

1:47 PM: Foot acknowledges another shout out for his live blog. Still no shout out for the live blog of the live blog.

1:48 PM: First the Ron Erhardt supporters try to convince people that Downey is running for Hennepin County Commissioner (and not challenging Ron Erhardt for the legislature endorsement) and now Erhardt supporter Learned Foot is starting the despicable rumor that Downey is auditioning for the NARN (and not challenging Erhardt). Shame, Foot, Shame!!

1:49 PM: Foot calls for a plug of the MiLF. But plug what? There has been no date set for the MiLF, so far as I know.

1:50 PM: Foot is unwilling to interrupt his live blog to answer his phone. Telemarketers will be disappointed.

1:51 PM: Props to Mitch and the Nihilist on the wazzup bit.

1:52 PM: “Inver Grove bites is a dump.” Uh, what?

1:53 PM: FINALLY! A shout out to this live blog by Foot. Yes, you have arrived!

1:56 PM: Foot asks me a physics question: “Do you think that if the Nihilist bumped into Lileks in the studio, there would a violent explosion like when matter collides with anti-matter.” No, of course not. But if they both said exactly the same thing at exactly the same time, their voices would cancel out and you would hear nothing.

1:58 PM: This liveblog of Foot’s liveblog is over!

3:06 PM:
A shout-out to this liveblog of the liveblog by King Banaiaian on NARN “The Final Word”!


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