Friday, March 14, 2008

It's 3 am, The Fear Is Gone

Last week I filled in for Ed Morrisey on the Northern Alliance Radio Network, opposite Mitch Berg. One bit that received rave reviews was the our review of a new (fake) Hillary Clinton ad. I thought I would provide it to the readers of this web site who couldn't hear the show and don't want to listen to the entire podcast (what's wrong with you people?). Here is the setup:

Hillary's campaign really received a boost with her recent victories in Texas and Ohio. Her "3 am" ad received a lot of credit for casting doubts among voters about whether Barak Obama is ready for the presidency. After the success of the first "3 am" ad, the Clinton team has created a new ad that returns to that theme. However, this one may go to far. Let's take a listen.

Click here to go to the ad, then click on play.


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