Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Alito Shuffle

Boz Skaggsclassic tune, "The Lido Shuffle" is an obvious source for material on the Alito hearings:

Teddy sailed his boat that day he left the crash
But because of his name he ain't taking flack
At the Iowa state fair, Joe Biden's plagiarism wouldn't stop
Although it caused his presidential hopes to flop
Chuck Schumer's aids illegally got credit reports of his foe
Yet they're taking shots from where they sit
At the Judiciary committee they don't get it, taking shots at Alito

Alito, no-o-o-o,
Ted Kennedy cares about women's rights, except for Mary Jo
Alito, no-o-o-o, they've got concerns, they don't get it
Push too hard, they won't quit it, Alito's got to go

Alito got slandered, it wasn't much fun as the bloviaters blow
Until his wife broke down, and then she had to go
She be makin' like a beeline headin' for the door as those morally broke
Said that one more hit oughta do it,
slander, ain't nothin' to it
Alito's got to go!

Alito, no-o-o-o,
Biden loves to hear himself talk, but don't say nothing, no
Alito, no-o-o-o, A lifetime job, he can't get it
Wish he'd be like Miers and quit it, Alito's got to go!


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