Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito Hearing Laugh Tote Board (through day three)

Day three of the Alito confirmation hearing saw the tension rise and the humor fade -- laughter interruptions decreased by more than 50%. Arlen “The Card” Specter maintained his large lead, but he better keep an eye on the up and coming “Goober” Lindsey Graham. Here is the updated tote board through day three:

Chairman Specter 25
Senator Graham 17
Judge Alito 16
Senator Kennedy 5
Senator Leahy 4
Senator Biden 4
Senator Schumer 4
Senator Hatch 3
Senator Grassley 3
Senator Feinstein 2
Senator Cornyn 2
Senator Lautenberg 1
Unknown 1

(Compiled from the Wahington Post’s day three transcript)


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