Sunday, October 02, 2005

I’ve Never Been Prouder of Our Readers

I’ve had my differences with you, our readers, especially since becoming NIGP’s reader’s representative. But I must applaud your cynical reaction to the alleged Demi Moore – Ashton Kutcher marriage. Here are the results to our poll on your view of their marriage's longevity:

Less than five months – Dem & Ash are no Renee & Kenny: 43%
Less than 20 months – Dem & Ash are no Julia & Lyle: 34%
Three years – Demi will dump him when he hits the big 3-0: 14%
Five years – or about when Ash starts losing his hair: 6%
Less than 13 years – Dem & Ash are no Dem & Bruce: 0
‘Til death do they part – this is true love, you cynical SOBs: 3%

I suspect that the one person who voted ‘til death do they part was being sarcastic – kudos to you for being doubly cynical!


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