Sunday, May 15, 2005

More College Musings

Yesterday, the University of Notre Dame held it's annual graduation ceremony. Among those receiving degrees were papabile (the word for contender for pope) Cardinal Francis Arinze and a founder of The Pope Blog. Cardinal Arinze received an honorary PHD, while Andy Hagans aka Boney got his degree (the story doesn't say, so I assume it is a bachelors) the old fashioned way. Boney founded the blog along with Jimbo, a 2004 Notre Dame grad. In this post, Jimbo tells the story of Boney's failed attempt to receive communion from Cardinal Arinze (emphasis mine).

Boney has informed me that during Saturday's Baccalaureate Mass, he tried his best to receive a communion blessing from Cardinal Arinze by ditching his own communion line and making a sprint for Arinze's line on the other side of the aisle. He was however thwarted by two ushers who tackled him to the ground and forced him to get back in his own line to receive communion from a "normal" priest. Better luck next time, Boney.

At least someone at Notre Dame knows how to tackle.


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