Friday, March 27, 2015

Top 11 Ways To Beat the 37-0 Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Team

11. Bring RICO charges against John Calipari

10. Put them in classrooms across campus before the game so they are disoriented and can't find their way to the arena

9.  Only allow field goals if the shooter can solve a 4th grade math problem

8.  Ban 1 and done players

7.  Let them into the NBA

6.  Tie one hand behind their backs

5.  Pass reasonable rules requiring student athletes to actually be students and athletes

4.  Audit bank accounts of players

3.  Sneak LeBron onto opposing team

2.  Run a lethal level of electric current on the rim (note to Sisyphus, I understand that this wouldn't work as they wouldn't be grounded, but sometimes it's hard to think of 11 ideas)

1.  Make them play a gutty Notre Dame team


Anonymous Fuzzy Nietzche said...

Send them to the traditional Holy Week Notre Dame All Night Vagina Monolouges Marathon before game

8:06 PM  
Blogger Mr. D said...

12. Play the Badgers

1:13 PM  

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