Friday, March 21, 2008

March Of The Presidentials

Last year I took self proclaimed "Maverick" John McCain to task for his spineless stance on an issue of the day. The Bush tax cuts, immigration, and campaign finance are all issues where I disagree with McCain, but this issue was more timely: the NCAA basketball tournament.

Finally, let's take a look at his final four: Kansas, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio State. I do believe those are all #1 seeds. I would have thought a maverick would have a couple of wild picks that no one else would dare take. Southern Illinois anyone? For Pete's sake, take a flier on someone.

Well, McCain is back at it. His final four this year is a bit more daring. And by a bit, I mean barely: North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis and Connecticut. This time the "Maverick" has chosen one team that isn't a #1 seed: the Connecticut Huskies. If he can change on this issue, maybe there's hope for him toughening on immigration.

Since I'm bashing McCain for his picks, it only makes sense that I take a swing at the self-proclaimed (at least his wife did) savior of our souls, Barak Obama. He too released his NCAA picks. He even had the audacity to admit to tossing $10 into an illegal gambling pool. I guess he was busy listening to sermons about how the US government developed the AIDS virus while the news reported on Rick Neuhisle losing his coaching job at the University of Washington for participating in an NCAA pool.

Anyway, Obama must have the audacity to hope that some less priviledged schools make it to the final four. Let's see: North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, all #1 seeds plus Big East Tournament Champion Pittsburgh. Interestingly enough, both McCain and Obama picked #1 ranked North Carolina to win the entire tournament; not exactly a call for change.

What can we make of this? I'd like to think it proves my point that politicians are weenies. I will award one point to Hillary Clinton. She hasn't come out and announced her NCAA picks. She's probably too busy trying to find a way to steal this election.

UPDATE: And down goes Connecticut in a thrilling first round upset! Senator McCain, you are no Jimmy the Greek!


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