Monday, December 12, 2005

Where James Wasn't Last Night

It was apparently a quiet night in the lavish, well-heeled (or is that healed?) Lakes Area of MPLS last night. Butlers were sent out to fetch pizza. Chaffeurs transported their patrons to the hardware store for hinges. Chambermaids scrubbed the solariums. A child prodigy practiced Keith Jarret compositions on the family grand.

But in a less-desirable part of the city, there was yet another shooting:

Police investigate triple shooting on I-94
Star Tribune
December 12, 2005

An early morning shooting on Interstate Hwy. 94 left three people wounded and their car riddled with bullets. Minneapolis police are searching for suspects from a second car from which the shots were fired.

The driver of the bullet-riddled car managed to exit I-94 near Hiawatha Avenue and drive to the Rainbow Foods on 26th Av. S. KSTP-TV reported that the car was hit 15 times.

The initial call for help shortly before 1 a.m., mentioned that a person was shot. What police found were two women and a man who needed medical attention, police said. Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Minneapolis police said two vehicles were involved in the shooting. They are searching for a motive as well as suspects, they said. Minnesota State Patrol authorities are assisting with the investigation.

The shooting did not appear to be random, according to police spokesman Officer Ron Reier.

It brings up a philosphical question...if a poor person (or three) is gunned down near Lake Street, does anyone hear it?


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